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Wednesday 7 December 2011

Silver Cross Rag Doll Review and News of a Comp!

Over the past couple of months Lara has really developed her imagination through role play. Yesterday she told me she had spent the day at nursery being a doctor to the poorly babies! Lara has her own dolly who she likes to look after at home. Her name is Beth (or Goldilocks depending on what mood Lara is in) and she is a Silver Cross traditional ragdoll.

silvercross ragdoll

Beth came beautifully presented in a large white gift box that would make most little girls squeal with excitement when they opened it. I saw the Silver Cross ragdoll gift boxes on display in my local John Lewis last week and they looked fab. Beth is soft and squishable and has a delicately decorated face that makes her look so gentle and peaceful (especially when she is tucked up in her Silver Cross pram!)

silvercross ragdoll

Lara loves taking her ragdoll's coat off (and then getting me to put it back on again) and settling her to sleep in her own pram. One of Lara's absolute favourite things about the Silver Cross rag doll is that she has cute little bloomers which Lara can take on and off so that she can change the doll's nappy! Admittedly, Lara would also love to be able to take off the doll's shoes and she finds it frustrating that they are sewn on. I think Beth is beautifully made and I'd rather like one for myself - they have a small range of beautiful dolls from £25 to £35.

silvercross ragdoll

Silver Cross are currently running a competition on their facebook page to win one of 5 Pop Classic Lightweight Pushchairs. All you have to do to enter is like their page and then answer one easy question and provide your email address. The competition runs until Friday 16th December. 
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