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Wednesday 28 December 2011

My Stérimar Colds and Allergies Journey

Earlier this Autumn I blogged about using Stérimar for colds with which both Lara and I were suffering. After using Stérimar I was so happy with it that I agreed to become a Stérimar ambassador so today I thought I'd tell you a little bit more about how Stérimar has helped to keep us cold-free and (for me) allergy-free this Christmas.

We first discovered Stérimar Baby in the summer. It is a natural salt-water spray with a slightly reduced salt content for smaller, more delicate noses. I loved the fact that it was much easier to use than anything else I had tried to unblock a baby's nose and is more natural than the nasal drops I had been prescribed for Lara in the past. We used it in anger during October when Lara had two colds in two weeks - it cleared her nose when she got stressed from not being able to breathe.

At the time, I was also suffering with a cold and congestion so, having seen the success we had with Stérimar Baby, I decided to try Stérimar Congestion Relief. It costs around £7.49 for a 100ml spray can but I can tell you it was definitely worth it. With a higher salt concentrate than any of the other saltwater sprays in their range, it was astonishingly effective at clearing my blocked nose at nights but it came with an added bonus. Usually, after a cold, I suffer from something called allergic rhinitis - it means that even after I've got rid of the cold, I have a blocked nose and mucus for many, many weeks which I often find can take months to shift. I decided to continue using the Stérimar spray and the allergic rhinitis cleared up within a matter of days - about 48 hours.

And so, in the future I am thinking of trying out Stérimar Allergy Relief which is a similar spray but designed specifically for allergic rhinitis - you use it to wash away airborne allergens from within the nose. Stérimar Allergy Relief costs around £4.49 for a can.

I guess my other alternative is to go for a regular-use solution called Stérimar Isotonic Nasal Hygeine. It is a natural spray based on the same salt-water solution and I know several European friends who swear by it as part of their regular daily routine to help prevent congestion and allergies. It costs arounf £6.63.

Stérimar is extremely gentle and has no known side effects. It can also be used on its own or with other medications as long and as often as required. It is perfect for me to use during pregnancy when many other medications are off-limits.

Stérimar is available in Boots and most pharmacies across the UK.

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