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Sunday 30 June 2013

Content and Calm Traykit Review

This is the TrayKit by Content & Calm.  It is a great travel item for children which is suitable for taking on aeroplanes or in cars.  On one hand the Traykit is a handy carry-on bag for your child to take with them all the little nick nacks that are vital when you're on the move.  And on the other, it folds out as a really useful tray that dangles from the chair in front.

Lara took her TrayKit with her on our latest 2000 mile road trip down to the South of France last month.  Lara packed into it her colouring book and pencils, a reading book, a writing book, a small cuddly toy (the poor old bear had to be squeezed in at times!) and a few DVDs for watching while we were driving long journeys.  I think Lara really enjoyed carrying her Traykit with her and she loved the sense of purpose and ownership of something she could keep with her in the car.

I think the TrayKit is primarily designed for use on an aeroplane and the tray, when fully folded out has quite a good stretch from the seat in front.  The tray has a raised edge all the way around so that pencils and toys won't roll off it - genius!  I found it to be a little unstable when strapped to the headrest of the car seat but it was stable enough for Lara to place her books on... I probably wouldn't have trusted her to balance a drink on it.  The surface is wipe-clean so it wouldn't matter so much if there were spillages!

On the whole, I think the TrayKit was a success while we were on our travels but I think there are a couple of areas where I would like to see it improved as it evolves - slightly more useful pockets and a more stable way of attaching to a car seat are high on my list.  I think Lara would have liked to see some bigger pockets, or fold out pockets inside... she also struggled a bit with the zip on the rounded corners of the satchel.

Lara is really looking forward to using her TrayKit again later in the summer.  The Content & Calm TrayKit costs around £25 and is available in a range of different pink or blue patterns.
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