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Sunday 2 June 2013

My Mellow Indian Takeaway Restaurant Experience with JUST EAT

One of the ways that we stay Mellow in the Mellow household is by chilling out with an occasional takeaway. Yes, we love our food and we all love cooking (including the girls) but as a working family, evenings can be pretty hectic and I'll admit that we do indulge in a takeaway pretty often... so much so that Lara has started being our decision maker on takeaway night and we let her choose what type of food we are all going to enjoy!

This week we have been trying out a new way of ordering. JUST EAT rang me to introduce the Mellow household to the joys of online takeway ordering and asked us to review one of our local Indian restaurants. JUST EAT brings together thousands of UK takeaway restaurants in one place for you to order online for delivery or collection. For us, the service seemed ideal because it meant we could pay by credit card online so no cash had to change hands (myself and Mr. B very rarely use cash for anything these days).

We got home from work on Tuesday and logged on to the JUST EAT website from my laptop (we could have used the JUST EAT app on the ipad too). I browsed the complete menus of three different local Indian restaurants. We were particularly fascinated to see a local takeaway called Rangamati because we pass it every weekend but had never even seen the menu before; it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give them a whirl.

Browsing the menu on JUST EAT was easy. I found the fact that the entire menu was on one page to be a bit unwealdy even though there were links to help you navigate to particular areas of the menu such as breads, main dishes or chefs specials. The checkout process was incredibly simple and I was able to enter my card details and checkout within a minute. I really liked the fact that the website asked me to sit and wait until the chef at the restaurant had acknowledged and accepted my order - while it may seem a little unintuitive in a modern website to leave the user sitting waiting, I actually found it quite comforting to know that a real human being was receiving my order.

Our order arrived well within the predicted time period that JUST EAT had said when I ordered. It felt slightly weird not to be handing over any cash when the delivery driver gave us our food.

Lara, as usual, was extremely excited when the "curry man" arrived and had been rushing around setting the table for the previous 30 minutes! Lara's favourite curry dish to order is a yellow chicken (in this instance I ordered her a chicken passanda) but both girls devour poppadoms too. The curry from Rangamati was good; nothing outstanding but perfectly acceptable... though I probably wouldn't ditch my previous favourite Indian takeaway, Shapla Tandoori! Thankfully they also offer online ordering through JUST EAT. Bonus.

Every single last scrap of our meal was eaten and we all had full, happy tummies.

Disclosure: This blog post was written in collaboration with JUST EAT.
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