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Tuesday 2 July 2013

Flutterly Lovely Cupcake Cookies

These scrumptious looking works of art were made by Lara as tasty gifts for all of her friends who came to her fourth birthday party!  With just a sprinkling of inspiration from our favourite fluttery friends the Magic Belles, Lara baked, iced and sprinkled to make sure that each of her guests could take home a cupcake cookie of their very own!

The Magic Belles are a group of musical friends who spread a little bit of magical fun through their app (which is a musical favourite with both Lara and Holly) and online through the Flutterbud club where you can find lots of creative, baking and musical inspiration for little girls (and indeed boys!)

Cupcake Belle sent Lara a baking set to help get her creative juices flowing.  She challenged Lara to make these cupcake cookies... and my goodness, did Lara take the challenge seriously?!?

Lara really enjoys measuring out all her own ingredients now (she struggles a bit with numbers over 100 so the scales can be a bit of a challenge!)  Patience is also something that Lara is lacking so, for a soft shortbread biscuit mixture such as this, she REALLY didn't want to wait for it to chill before she rolled it out.

Lara cut out lots of cupcake cookies and we baked them gently in a medium oven before cooling them on a rack.  Then Cupcake Belle's instructions showed us how to roll out fondant icing in gorgeous pastel colours to make the cupcake decoration.

Lara topped each cupcake biscuit with a chocolate bean instead of a cherry on the top and then finished it off with a generous sprinkling of her own magical fairy dust.

I think the cookies look awesome and so did all of Lara's birthday friends - we placed one in everybody's party bags to spread Cupcake Belle's good wishes!  You can find out more about the Magic Belles on facebook and twitter.

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