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Friday 31 May 2013

Adopt A Hive with Disney's The Hive Toys by Mookie

The number of wild bees in the UK is on a dramatic decline and, while I've blogged about small things we can do as Mums to help out (by carefully selecting our cosmetics products) I will admit that it hadn't really crossed my mind what it means for our children. As many as 20% of children in the UK have never seen a bee! Wowzers.

Disney's The Hive toys have clubbed together with Adopt-A-Hive to try and increase awareness in children and parents about the plight of UK bees and to raise awareness of little things we can all do to try and help save our bees. The campaign also wants to help highlight why bees are good! While many parents and kids would naturally shy away from bees there are plenty of reasons why we should care about their decline - and its not just about the honey!!!

Disney's The Hive Playset

To celebrate the campaign with Adopt-a-Hive Mookie have launched a range of Disney's The Hive toys with an on-pack promotion to win great prizes all through the summer such as the chance for your children to adopt a hive of their own! The campaign website also features lots of fascinating bee facts, honey recipes suitable for children (over 12 months), jokes, activities and some fab gardening tips for kids to help encourage bees into the garden.

Lara is a MASSIVE The Hive fan and was over-the-moon when she tried out this The Hive Playset, one of the range of promotional products. The playset has 3 different modes of play. When it is fully closed it is shaped just like Honeybee Hive from the popular TV show; The hive characters can buzz in and out of the flappy doors. You can open it up and watch the bees slide down the hanging rails as if they were flying and you can peer in through the windows and doors. When it is fully open the characters can play inside each of their rooms including a groovy honey-making room! The playset comes with 4 characters and a number of chairs, window boxes and other accessories.

Disney's The Hive Playset Open

Lara often struggles with her attention span when she plays with her dolls houses but I think that the fact this playset is linked to a TV programme she enjoys actually helps her imagination as she plays with it for longer and likes to try and re-enact stories that she remembers. The set is obviously designed to encourage you to buy more characters and accessories and I think it would probably benefit from a few more pieces. I like the fact that The Hive packs away neatly and compactly at the end of the day!
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