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Friday 20 February 2015

Children's Book Review :: Max and Tallulah, A Little Love Story

The girls have an appetite for books right now that I'm struggling to keep up with.  We have an entire room full of books and supplement them every other week with a trip to the library (not to mention Lara's school reading books) and yet the girls want more... more... more. And who am I to stop this?  This week the girls have been reading Max and Tallulah at bedtimes, a very cute picture story book by Beverley Gooding.

Max and Tallulah arrived with us for review just before Valentine's day - perfect timing for a little love story such as this.  Max and Tallulah are zebras.  Max likes Tallulah and wants her to notice him but he's too shy to make a move.  Max tries all sorts of silly subtle ways of impressing Tallulah but every time something goes wrong and she doesn't notice it was him.

Eventually Max has a clever idea.  He simply smiles.  And Tallulah smiles back.

This is a very cute story about how people can love you for simply being yourself.  Lara totally understood the messaging and spoke to me about it afterwards.  I always love to read them a story that they can both immerse themselves in, but which leaves a lasting impression.

Max and Tallulah features bright but comforting illustrations - this really is a feel good book.

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