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Thursday 12 February 2015

A Valentine's Meal for Under £10 #LoveALot

I love a recipe challenge and I couldn't resist the challenge, laid down by Aldi, to spend just £10 on the ingredients for a Valentine's day meal for myself and Mr. B. Of course, I had to get in a little practice tonight and so Holly and Lara helped me create a meal that everyone loved. Aldi are hoping that this weekend, people up and down the country will spend a little but #LoveALot.

My three-course Valentine's meal has a largely Italian theme and was (for me and Mr. B. at least) accompanied by a really enjoyable crisp white Andara Chilean Sauvignon Blanc which cost a mind-boggling £3.99 for a bottle.

To start with, I served toasted ciabatta rolls (a bargain at 49p a pair) rubbed with garlic butter and topped with mozarella, tomato and basil.  Holly really enjoyed brushing the garlic butter onto the rolls.

For the main course I served a roasted chicken, fennel and basil tagliatelle with a side salad and we all LOVED it.  I cheated a bit and used ready-cooked sliced roast chicken but this meant I had more time for making pudding!

And finally, to finish off, a simple plain sponge cupcake decorated with pink buttercream and fresh raspberries. I noticed this week that Aldi had in stock lots of fun pink cake decorating items for Valentines day - very romantic.

My sugar, flour, food colouring, eggs, garlic, tomatoes and pasta will all see me through a few more meals so I came in just a teeny tiny bit over budget but given that my 3 course Valentine's meal included a bottle of outstanding-value white wine, I was seriously impressed by the quality and value.


There are lots of Valentine's day recipe ideas, wine recommendations, and tips for buying chocolates and flowers over on  So, as my two girls day "Happy Valentime's day".
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