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Saturday 28 February 2015

Nursery Wall Stickers by Witty Doodle

As you know, I've become a bit of a fan of wall art stickers since discovering how much of a big difference they can make to a room without the need to entirely re-decorate.  These nursery art wall stickers from Witty Doodle are just a little bit different; they've been designed specifically with babies in mind.

Witty Doodle introduced us to their range of Little Journey nursery wall art; we chose the Safari range.  The set starts with a single, large bold sticker designed for newborns and very tiny babies who can only distinguish strong contrasting colours, geometric shapes and lots of black and white repetitive patterns.  As you baby gets older (about 4 months) the set includes some extra bold stickers with bright colours and smiley faces; a chance to recognise first animals.  These stickers are designed to stimulate vision and promote brain development.

Then finally, once your baby starts to notice the stickers and look at complex things in more detail, there are lots of additional smaller stickers to add to the scene to help promote curiosity and interest as your baby's vision develops.  The stickers are made from a material which makes them really easy to re-position.  The material is very different to other wall stickers I have used, much thicker and less "sticky" so I was confident that they would withstand tiny grabby hands and thought I would let the girls choose where to position them.  You can easily peel them off and re-position them to motivate further interest and keep your toddler thinking and exploring the images.

Our nursery had been looking a bit plain and these Witty Doodle nursery stickers have totally transformed the room.  It was so easy to apply them compared to other wall stickers I have used and they haven't left the wall feeling sticky.  I'm really impressed. These Witty Doodle nursery sticker sets cost £55 and you can also buy matching prints and canvases to complete out the room.

You can find Witty Doodle at and on twitter and facebook.
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