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Tuesday 10 February 2015

Hanging Up My Running Shoes #TeamChallenge10

No.  Don't Panic.  I'm not giving up running!

These are my trusty running shoes which have seen me complete my Couch-to-5k and well beyond but this week they are going to trainer heaven.  They helped me meet my MAJOR running goal, but now they are going into retirement.

Way back in July, I invested in my first ever pair of running shoes, having been advised that the pain in my knees after every run was probably related to running in generic "trainers" rather than specialist running shoes.  After a gait analysis session, these Nike Structure 17 babies came into my life and suddenly running became that little bit more comfortable.

Running shoes are recommended to be replaced between 300 and 500 miles but I had an alert set up on Strava to remind me to assess them when my shoes got up to 250 miles.  Which this weekend they did.  When I got back from my run, I just sort of "knew" that the shoes hadn't been supporting my feet in the same way as normal. I had blisters (not something I normally suffer with) and within an hour or so, one of my heels started hurting... possibly the first signs of the dreaded plantar faciitis (every runner's nightmare).  I knew my running shoes were done for.

This weekend I ran for 10 miles without stopping.

This is such a massive achievement for me.  Something I never imagined this time last year (in fact, running 10 metres hadn't even crossed my mind).  It is 8 months since I started jogging and just over 5 months since I joined Team Challenge 10 where a group of bloggers aimed to be able to run 10 miles in 10 months.  This weekend's run was hard.  And long. And, to be honest, a bit lonely.  But the weather was beautiful and the sense of reward at the end was immense.

But my running challenge doesn't stop here.  Between now and June, the Team Challenge 10 members will be working up to a group run together to "celebrate" our 10 mile achievements.  In that time, I have two half-marathons planned.  Also not something I ever imagined I would be typing.

And, if I am to complete these challenges, of course I need new running shoes.  Which is a fantastic opportunity for me to go shoe shopping.  I shall share my running shoe goodness with you next month!
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