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Sunday 11 October 2015

Cooking with Kids - Lets Cookalong with Tesco

As you know, I encourage my two girls to join me in the kitchen every weekend - they absolutely love learning how to bake, slice, mix and blitz with me.  In fact, recent research by the Tesco Eat Happy Project shows that around 80% of kids say they love cooking and making food but that when asked, the numbers of children who had never turned their hands to some basic cookery skills such as chopping vegetables, making a simple salad or boiling an egg was incredibly low.

The Tesco Eat Happy project is an initiative which, through in-store, at-home, community and school activities, aims to encourage children to learn more about the provenance of their food.  If your child can learn about the origins of their food, and how it is cooked, they can build a healthy, happy relationship with food from a young age.  New to the Eat Happy Project is a brand new series of Let's Cookalong videos presented by Farah Larnauti and her young helpers.  Each video introduces a simple, but accessible recipe that either practices a new cookery skill, or introduces flavours and styles from a different country.

Lara has enjoyed watching the Let's Cookalong videos with me - flatbread pizza, morrocan falafel and lamb samosas have inspired Lara to ask for some slightly different meals recently.  The Eat Happy Project website has all of the Let's Cookalong videos in full and at present there are also lots of fun activity sheets to download, all about spices (a family favourite theme!).

To take part in a Let’s Cookalong tutorial, or for more information such as recipes, resources and activity sheets, visit the website
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