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Wednesday 14 October 2015

What Makes You #SaySi

It has been a whole week of "new" for me.  A new job, a new half marathon PB and a new scent.  These are all things that make me say "YEsssssss".  Taking the decision to run 13.1 miles in the capital was not one I took lightly, nor was deciding to pack in my perfectly acceptable job to gamble on a potentially awesome career move.  I've said "yes" to positivity over the past few months and believing in myself, I've said "yes" every time I've questioned whether I can or should try and push myself.  I am in control.  And I'm loving it.

This Autumn, Giorgio Armani want to know what makes you say yes, or, perhaps more glamourously, "Si".

The Si collection from Giorgio Armani is a set of three fragrances and they've each helped me define the last few days.  Their scent will remind me of these pivotal few days in my life - great memories captured in a scent.

The Si Eau de Toilette is a really light an playful scent that I've worn at home and I wore to the race through Hyde Park at the weekend.  It is a crisp scent with hints of bergamot and mandarin.  I love it.

The Si Eau de Parfum has been with me every day at work this week in my new office for the new me.  It reminds me a lot of lychees and tropical fruit but with a woody, exotic undertone.  It is really quite different from the Eau de Toilette but retains the same theme.

Finally, Mr. B's favourite of the lot - the Parfum Intense which is a deep, strong, syrupy version of the Si scent which can last the entire evening.  It is dark and certainly very intense.

There is nothing like a brand new bottle of perfume to put a smile on my face.  Oh, OK, a new happy job and an amazing half marathon race can put smiles on my face.  I say yes to happiness.

So, what makes you say "Si"?

Disclosure: I received these fragrances as a Klout perk.

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