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Saturday 17 October 2015

#StreamTeam The One Where I Get a Rare Lie-In

It has been a funny old week.  With a new job come some sacrifices - no more half day off work, no more school or nursery drop off, or pick up.  One night this week I only just got home in time for snuggles with my girls before bed.  These are all special times of day that I had been lucky enough to share with my girls in the past and this week I've really missed them.  On the days when I have made it home at a more sensible time of night, we have chatted about the exciting things they have done at school and nursery and I've listened to them both read.  Happy Times.

This morning I woke up with the alarm at stupid o'clock for Holly's swimming lessons and the exhaustion of a new regime and a new job finally hit me.  Mr. B. was lovely; he hopped out of bed and whisked Holly off to swimming leaving me and Lara snuggling together in bed.  I was treated to a lie in.  Unfortunately Lara wasn't tired any more and wanted to get up and get going.  Sigh.  She asked if she could borrow my iPad and then disappeared into her bedroom mysteriously.  I will admit that I did drift back off to sleep, only to wake when Holly got back from swimming!  What luxury.

Lara's No. 1 Netflix choice this October
So, what was Lara upto on my iPad for an hour in such silence?  Well, apart from playing matching pairs, she settled down to a couple of episodes of her favourite shows on Netflix.  Lara is so independent now that she will happily browse Netflix on her own (with Kids mode switched on, I might add) and occupy herself.  While I feel a little bit guilty for settling back down to sleep this morning, it does feel like a rare luxury to which I am indebted to Netflix!

Barbie, Life in the Dream House is one of Lara's favourite shows right now.  If, as an adult, you've never watched it before then I challenge you to sit and watch a whole episode.  It is so surreal.  It is a self-mocking Barbie programme based in Malibu and each show is made up of lots of quick-changing, parody sketches.  When we first discovered it on Netflix, I think Lara was just drawn in by the pink-ness but now she is starting to pick up on some of the silliness and quite grown-up humour.

A very big My Little Pony fan

After the lie-in, I took the girls into London for a My Little Pony themed event.  They both absolutely LOVED their day and came home very much enthused about My Little Pony so it was no surprise that the very first thing they asked to do when they got home was to watch some My Little Pony episodes on Netflix.  On Netflix there is a good range of My Little Pony series to watch ranging from 2005 episodes right through to the latest Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls series which the girls seem to prefer.

So now, after an exhausting day battling the crowds at Ascot and Twickenham with two enormous My Little Pony toys and two tired My Little Pony fans I'm settling back into bed as I'm home alone.  I'm tucked up and ready to log onto MY Netflix account for the first time in a while - I'm ending the day with a little luxury, just like I started it.  Tonight I'm starting to watch a new series that was recommended to me by friends who, like me, had also enjoyed Breaking Bad. Episode 1 of Narcos... here I come.

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