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Thursday 1 October 2015

Humble Natural Beauty - Bath Honey Review

One of the problems about blogging my reviews of beauty products is that the interweb has yet to invent the means of me transmitting the smell of the products I review.  And that's an issue because I find it hard to put into words quite how heavenly the scent of the new Rose and Frankincense bath and body range, Humble.

It has been a couple of years since I've tried a bath product (for me) which has blown me away; but the Humble Rose and Frankincense Bath Honey brought a massive smile to my face!  It is a gorgeous, pampering, relaxing, mellow bath additive which made me, and the entire bathroom smell fabulous.  And what's more, this luxurious range of bath products launched by TV's Kate Humble, has guilt-free green credentials.

I don't normally set much weight on a celebrity name when it comes to cosmetics but I understand why Kate Humble might seek to launch a natural and biodegradable range of cosmetics - somehow her name makes the brand seem genuine.  All of the ingredients in the Humble range are sustainably sourced and are chosen such that, when the products are used and then washed away down the drain, they have minimal impact on our waterways.  Of course, the range is also free from SLS and parabens but importantly, where ingredients can be sourced in the UK, they are... this helps reduce the "beauty miles" of your cosmetics.

The Humble eco-friendly natural beauty range is available exclusively in Waitrose and features bath and body products in two different scents - Rose and Frankincense, and Sweet Pea and Verbena.  Both fragrance ranges feature a handwash, hand lotion, body lotion, body wash and intense hand cream.

I was lucky enough to try out the luxurious Rose and Frankincense bath honey which is a sweet-scented runny bath foam.  For an SLS-free product it produces a great foam.  The bath honey comes in a large (300ml) jar with a screw top lid.  It looks luxurious, it smells luxurious and trust me, when you shut the door and shut out the world for your own rose-scented bath, it feels luxurious.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product and it has definitely made me want to try out the other products from the Humble range.
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