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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Choosing a Winter Coat for a Toddler

A couple of weeks ago Mr. B. and I started thinking about buying Lara a winter coat. The decision was largely driven by us having booked a Christmas break at Center Parcs for late december and, having visited during the same week last year, we wanted to be prepared for the wintery weather that we are expecting deep in the Longleat woods. Choosing a winter jacket that would prove to be a good investment was harder said than done. This is how we chose a winter jacket for our toddler.

Last year Lara was 6 months old when we visited Center Parcs and for most of the week she wore this toasty warm all-in-one outfit.

We were on the lookout for something similar this year that would be suitable for a toddler – perhaps something with detachable booties and mittens. Our choice seemed pretty limited unless we wanted to buy a 'serious' outdoor pursuits outfit for her. We did find this one at Verbaudet which looked like just the ticket.

After thinking long and hard about it, Mr. B. and I admitted that an all-in-one outfit, while totally the right thing for a wintery forest trip, is not the most practical of outerwear for a toddler. Even if it was the perfect item of clothing for one specific week in December, could be really imagine ourselves (or the childminder) battling to get Lara in and out of it each weekday? No.

And so our search took us on to more traditional coats. We really struggled to find a winter coat that we felt was warm enough for the whole season. We eventually found this one in M&S which is great for the following reasons...

  • It is padded all over

  • It is long, so we don't need to worry about buying additional wintery padded trousers

  • It has integrated mittens

The coat is big. Big enough to last Lara all the way through to spring. Unfortunately it is also bulky and on days like we are currently experiencing, with that wintery chill to a sunny late autumn day, it really does seem like overkill.

Once again, Vertbaudet came to the rescue. We came across this parka jacket which seems to serve our purposes perfectly.

  • The jacket is girly without being unecessarily PINK.

  • It is large enough to last her right through the winter.

  • It has two different types of fasteners which stops her from undoing the jacket herself (which she does all the time with her other coats)

  • It is made from a beautifully soft brushed cotton/polyester/polyamide mix which is water resistant.

The thing which REALLY swung it for me though was that this jacket has a removable lining. Right now, when the weather is chilly, but not cold, I can send Lara out in just the jacket and know that she'll be warm and dry. But when the weather gets colder I can just pop in the snuggly fleece lining that pops in place using press studs. Total and utter GENIUS. So now I have a winter coat that is also an Autum and Spring coat which means that we get really good value for money.

I have always been impressed by the quality and the style of Vertbaudet clothes and I have not been disappointed by the coat. This children's parka jacket is just one of a wonderful range of winter coats at Vertbaudet where I was spoiled for choice. It comes in sizes from 3 months to 3 years and costs just £21.75 at present. If I had unlimited funds, I would buy Lara one of everything in the Vertbaudet catalogue! Ho hum.
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