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Thursday 28 October 2010

Think Pink! The Fun of Decorating a Little Girl's Bedroom.

As you may know, the Mellow family moved to a brand new house at the start of the month, leading to a much more mellow state of mind for all of us. Since then I have been working hard to unpack all of Lara's toys and clothes and find homes for them in the new house. I have had great fun starting to plan Lara's bedroom - who knew that decorating a little girl's room could be so much fun?

In the old house, Lara slept in the 'nursery'. We decorated it in neutral shades because we didn't know whether our child would turn out to be a girl or a boy. It was lovely, but wasn't Lara's - it was designed with an unidentified baby in mind. Now is our opportunity to make a room that is her's and all her's. Luckily, we just happened to have a bedroom in the new house which was decorated in purple - Lara's favourite colour!

Our decorating journey started a couple of weeks ago with the 'hellish' trip to Ikea. We bought Lara some funky birch coloured storage units to stash away her huge piles of clothes.

I never thought of myself as the kind of Mum who would buy her daughter cutsie pink stuff but somehow it just seems right. Lara likes pink! She suits pink! She suits lots of other colours too but a bright or shiny pink or purple currently seems to sum Lara up, just perfectly.

We've bought Lara one or two new pieces of bedding (we can't afford to replace the whole set just yet). We bought this bright pink cot bundle (bumper, sheet, fleece blanket and quilt) with fun teddies on from Wilkinson Plus who have some great nursery gift sets at the cheapest price I have found for the same products that are sold elsewhere.

In the background you can see her height chart - something I have been wanting to buy her for a long time! This one is from Think Pink in their Toadstool Fairy range. Think Pink (Blue too) do great gifts and home decorations for little girls (and boys)... they specialise in all things pink and girly! We've wanted a height chart for Lara, mainly so that we can measure when she will be tall enough to go on the rides at Legoland!!!! This one is great because we can add in photos of Lara when she gets to each height milestone. Currently Lara is loving measuring all of her bears (and there are some big ones) against the chart each evening. hehe.

To make Lara's room that little bit more grown up, we have put in some ornaments. Lara ABSOLUTELY loves her Toadstool Fairy Snow Globe from Think Pink. It is a little heavy for her, but the glittery snow mesmerises her and it is the first thing she rushes to when she enters the room.

We have also added a Photo Frame to match. We haven't yet chosen a picture for it yet. We're thinking maybe one of the cat? or is it a bit too cheeky to add a photo of myself and Mr. B. and then point the photo frame towards her bed so that we can watch over her each night?

In the background you can see the amazing OXO Candela Tooli Nightlights. They make the room a little bit less cutsey and are perfect for me to use when reading Lara her bedtime story. Lara likes to repeatedly switch them off and on using the tiny button on the base of each night light. The nightlights are expensive but they are the perfect addition to the room and I can see them lasting her (or indeed us, after Lara has lost interest) for many years to come.

So, how do you like the new bedroom? Do you think it is suitably pink and fun for a toddler?

Toadstool Fairy Height chart £5.99
Toadstool Fairy Snow Globe £11.99
Toadstool Fairy Photo Frame £7.99
OXO Tooli Nightlights £50
RedKite Cosi Cot 4 Piece Pink Bear Bedding Set £35
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