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Sunday 31 October 2010

The Sunday Review - A'kin Baby Care

In my latest delivery of organic skincare goodies from I decided to treat Lara to some organic pampering. As I have enjoyed my A'Kin facial mist and A'Kin hand cream so much in the past, I ordered Lara some moisturiser and some body wash all of her own.

We have been using the A'Kin Baby Bath Wash and Shampoo at bath time. I think it is perfect for Lara as it is sulfate, paraben and pthalate free. It is colour free and is a totally clear liquid made with natuural plant-based moisturisers such as cornflower which are great for soothin delicate baby skin on both the body and scalp.

We loved the fact that it came in a hand-pump dispenser. Being able to pump the liquid into my hand means that I always have a spare hand to keep control of Lara in the bath and I don't have to worry about putting lids back on bottles before I carry on with Lara's bath. I was also really happy with the level of foam it generated when I rubbed it into Lara's skin - enough to get Lara really clean but not the type of foam that comes from harmful chemicals.

After her bath (and every morning), I use a moisturiser on Lara to combat her dry skin and ezcema. The A'Kin Baby Nurturing Natural Moisturiser smells divine - just like my A'Kin hand cream. It is a light, ever so slightly oily texture and is absorbed very quickly into Lara's skin. Lara has been enjoying rubbing it into her own arms and legs.

I can't say that I am that impressed by the moisturisation of the cream - her skin seems as dry as when I use no moisturiser at all (but the eczema isn't there). It is a shame because the smell is that much nicer than any of the other products I have tried - a blend of essential oils which have a wonderfully calming effect on both mother and baby.

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