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Tuesday 19 October 2010

Forget Halloween, I Have A Little Devil All Year Round

This week's theme at Tara's gallery is The Colour Red.

It seems fitting then that I received through the post Lara's Halloween outfit from Clothing At Tesco this week. It certainly isn't an 'investment' garment, but for an item of clothing that may possibly be worn only once, it seems like good value at £7.

Lara seems to hate wearing the hood, which is a shame as it makes her look super cute (if a little like a wrestler). My favourite part of the outfit is this...

As it is, Lara doesn't really need a devil outfit at present. Her behaviour is hellish enough as it is. I really don't know how the childminder copes! On my one day off a week (my Lara day) she is such hard work that I am totally worn out by the evening and can barely keep my eyes open. At the weekends, even with Mr. B. around, the feeling is the same.

Lara is going through a stage of asserting herself. She has learned the word, "No" and is using it to prove that she is the dominant one in this parent-child relationship.

This Thursday, after 2 hours of failed attempts of getting Lara to take her afternoon nap in her cot, I discovered her stood up in the cot, screaming, her dress held up around her neck, her nappy off and hurled across the room and she was stood, rattling the bars of her cot, standing in a pool of her own wee. Urgh.

This weekend, Mr. B and I both nearly reached meltdown in Ikea. To start with, it seemed like a good idea. We sat Lara in a groovy trolley and did the whole upstairs Ikea thing. Then we had a pretty successful lunch in the canteen (bargain kids meals of real food, which include a free piece of fruit). After lunch, things went downhill. Lara had energy to burn but she wasn't happy. She screeched an annoying, miserable wail all the time she was in the trolley which eventually started to draw 'looks' from other customers. All attempts at removing her from the trolley resulted in her running at full pelt in the opposite direction to us and hanging on to furniture and displays that she really shouldn't have been hanging on to. We did, eventually, make it out alive but I swear it'll be at least another 5 years until our next visit.

If you read my posts about bedtime and about dropping the dummy then you will know that Lara goes to bed quite late. Recently, I have found myself wishing that Lara went to bed at 6.30, rather than 8.30!

I know we'll get through this, and I also know that there is worse to come, but I shall attempt, as ever, to remain MELLOW.
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