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Wednesday 17 November 2010

Simple Tips For Choosing Christmas Presents

I'm not good at tips for how to make a Christmas dinner less stressful to cook as I have never cooked one (we still go to Mum's for Christmas day). I'm not good at tips for how to avoid Christmas hangovers, or to entertain boring relatives during the season of goodwill. I am however pretty good at coming up with ideas for Christmas presents so, if you struggle to come up with ideas for your children, or the children of your friends or family then let me help you simplify things!

I'll put my hands up and say that most of the things I will be buying Lara this Christmas are things that I did own as a child, or things I wished I had. Perhaps I'm trying to relive my childhood through Lara BUT... thinking back to your own childhood is an incredibly simple way of generating ideas for Christmas presents.

I actually find this a great way of choosing presents for all children, not just my own. If you really enjoyed something at their age then there's a good chance that they will too. Of course, this does put you at risk of showing off how totally out of touch with the youth of today you are if you don't choose wisely but in my entire adult present-buying life this approach has served me well.

This Christmas we have bought Lara a rocking H. O. R. S. E (I have to say it like that because otherwise she starts saying 'clip, clop' and looking around hopefully). My sister and I had a soft, cheeky non-horsey rocking horse when we were young and I can remember it providing years of entertainment. I bought Lara's from Hamleys and I'm hoping that it will be a good investment that brings many years of fun.

On Lara's Christmas list there are a number of other things that take me back, including this grandfather clock from Fisher Price. Now there's a blast from the past.

I had been on the lookout for one of these for ages and this winter they have been relaunched as 'retro' toys and are on sale at Kiddiroo. They also have the Chatter Phone (Mr B's parents still have their original in good working order), the Two-Tune TV AND a reproduction of the Fisher Price record player whose tunes I can still remember. Genius. Even if your children don't enjoy playing with them, you will!

And, if you're looking for simple gift ideas for adults (or indeed children) then why not consider a charitable present from the Oxfam Unwrapped christmas list? For the hard-to-buy-for this can be a wonderful way of sharing the Christmas sprit with more than just your friends and family. You can feed a family this Christmas for just £7 or care for a vulnerable child affected by HIV or aids for £47

Oxfam Unwrapped

If you would like to share your tips on how to 'Simplfy Christmas' then send your posts for the Oxfam Unwrapped blog carnival to Sally at Who's The Mummy. The carnival will take place on Monday 23rd November so be sure to visit and pick up a wide range of tips for taking the stress out of Christmas.

Fisher Price images courtesy of ad-hoc PR.
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