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Wednesday 10 November 2010

Childcare - An Update

For those of you who have been following Mellow Mummy recently, you will know that I have lost a little bit of my mellowness over the last couple of weeks while trying to find new childcare closer to the new house in time for January 2010 when I will be increasing my hours at work again.

Yesterday I did finally reach closure on the issue - for the time being - and I thought I'd update you.

Last week I mentioned how I had found a nursery that I really liked the look of, having given up trying to find a local childminder. I must have rung the nursery a million times over the last 2 weeks and was beginning to get fed up with their lack of action. On Monday I made a decision that if I couldn't get a straight answer from them that there would be a place for Lara (even for a few days per week) then I would have to sign up for the other nursery I had seen and didn't like so much. I really had to make a decision this week because I needed to give my existing childminders their notice and just couldn't risk the possibility that I would be left with no childcare whatsoever in the new year.

On Monday I STILL didn't have any of my phonecalls returned and had given up hope. I called the other nursery to confirm that they still had a place and then started filling in the application form. On Tuesday I even wrote out the cheque but decided to give my nursery of choice one last chance. I rang twice and both times I was told that I would receive a call in return. ARRRGH. Finally, just before I left work, I got the call I wanted.

Lara has been offered a place at the nursery we really liked for the full 5 days a week. Yay!

Panic over.

Now I had best lift out the cheque book.
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