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Sunday 21 November 2010

The Sunday Review - Munch Cup Snacks by Benjoy

I normally like to have a real photo that I took myself of Lara trying out the products that we review together but in this particular case, when I gave Lara a Munch Cup full of tasty snacks, they disappeared so quickly that I never got a chance to take a photo! Doh.

The Munch cup is an innovative solution to a problem that I regularly experience. I often give Lara a snack during the late afternoon. Biscuits, raisins, pieces of fruit etc. and I put them in a bowl. For about 2 seconds she sits nicely and eats them, perhaps watching the TV or sat at her little table. Then she stands up, tries to walk around with the bowl and the contents get distributed evenly around my living room carpet. The snacks that Benjoy sell in the Munch Cup stay where they're put. The cup has a thin lid with a cross cut into it that little hands can reach through but which prevents the contents from falling out when the cup is waved about. Less mess = happy mummy.

Lara tried two different snacks, the Root Vegetable Mini Crisps (actually, I nommed most of these as they were scrumptious) and the Carrot & Tomato Multigrain bites. Lara loved them both.

As a Mum who scrutinises ingredients labels thoroughly, I made sure I was happy with the 'made from 100% natural ingredients' statement on the Munch Cup. Both snacks were relatively high in sugar BUT they are all naturally occuring sugars as the products are made from real fruits and vegetables which are naturally sweet.

The multigrain bites are made from Quinoa, Whole Wheat, Malted Wheat, Maize and Oat flours and just flavoured with carrot and tomato juice. They were really quite tasty but they did leave a carroty, tomatoey powdery residue everywhere that Lara went.

In the future, I would like to see the Munch Cup with a removable lid so that I really could re-use the Munch cup after use - it would be nice to be able to wash it and then refill it from a larger tub of snacks and then put a more permanent lid on it so that I could put it in Lara's lunchbox. This would be a great way to reduce my waste. The Benjoy Munch Cup has been given my toddler lunchbox seal of approval.

You can buy Benjoy snacks from Morrisons and Ocado.

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