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Thursday 11 November 2010

Toddler Trainer Cups On Trial

Some time ago Lara reviewed a series of toddler beakers when she first transitioned away from a bottle. We also tried out the Born Free trainer cup and the Tommee Tippee Easy Drink Cup which, given its resillience to biting teeth, has become our favourite in recent weeks. Now Lara is ready for the next move - to try and learn to drink from a real cup without pouring the contents all over the place!

Lara has been trying out a number of different cups. We're still a long way off a full transition but we have found that there is a cup to suit every occasion. Here are the pros and cons of each of the different cups we have tried.

Images courtesy of The Lenny Agency

OXO Training CupThe Good Bits: The grill at the top has (after time) taught Lara how to sip from the side of a cup. The grips on the side mean Lara holds the cup firmly.
The Bad Bits: It took a long time for Lara to learn not to just tip water over herself through the holes at the top. I've tried drinking from it and my nose rubs against the grill.
Price: £6
Buy From: John Lewis or Amazon
Rating: 6/10

Image courtesy of Hello Baby

The Doidy Cup (by Bickiepegs)
The Good Bits: The clever slanted shape means that it is hard (but not impossible) for Lara to throw water all over herself. This is as close as it gets to a real cup!
The Bad Bits: The handles are really small. If Lara chooses to drink from the wrong side of the cup (which she does regularly) it is a recipe for disaster.
Price: £3.75
Buy From: Online nursery retailers such as Hello Baby or Amazon
Rating: 4/10

Image courtesy of The Red Consultancy

Tommee Tippee Active Sporty
The Good Bits
: The straw-like spout is firm and resistant to chomping teeth. The cup has a good capacity and is easy to undo and refill. It is one of Lara's favourites.
The Bad Bits: I'm still not 100% convinced that a straw-typed spout can help a child transition to a real cup. The cup has a valve that needs cleaning.
Price: £6
Buy From: Widely available, including Amazon
Rating: 8/10

Image courtesy of Need To Know PR

Bibi Straw Bottle
The Good Bits
: The straw is flexible and folds neatly under the lid (this is the only cup we tried with a lid) so I can carry it without worry in my bag. There is no doubt that using the straw has taught Lara to hold the cup more upright than she used to.
The Bad Bits: The straw has to be removed for cleaning and I worry about having to buy a replacement if Lara bites through it or chews it to pieces.
Price: £9.50 (350ml version)
Buy From: Bibi's online shop, or Amazon
Rating: 7/10

Image courtesy of hroc

Nuby Convert-a-CupThe Good Bits: The cup is suitable right from the very first transition from a bottle through to the complete transition to a normal cup. The cup is easy to assemble and clean.
The Bad Bits: Lara drinks from it like an animal so the spout caves in. I think it will be a long time before she is capable of using 3rd and 4th stage as there is nothing to stop the drink being thrown everywhere.
Price: £4.99
Buy From: Nuby
Rating: 6/10

Image courtesy of Clareville Communications

BabyBjorn First CupThe Good Bits: The wide base means it stays upright when some of the other cups would have tipped over. The shape encourages Lara to lift it up to her mouth rather than walk around with it. Once she gets the hang of this, she really will be pretty much transitioned!
The Bad Bits: Lara still finds it hard to control the cup without waving it all over the place. I find I can only fill it with a tiny amount of liquid.
Price: £8.99 approx.
Buy From: Amazon, and other online retailers
Rating: 6/10
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