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Sunday 21 November 2010

The Sunday Review - CBeebies Song Time Album

This week we aaaaaaave been mostly listening to the CBeebies Song Time album which is released tomorrow. Great fun.

I really love being able to have music that I can play to Lara rather than feeling I have to switch on the TV when she gets restless with her toys. At this age, Lara has such a short attention span that anything I come up with to entertain her lasts no more than 5 minutes so I like to have a good collection of music for her different moods.

The CBeebies Song time album is a couble-CD set with a whopping 50 tracks on it from all of your favourite shows. Pretty much every single CBeebies show I have ever seen has its theme tune, or most famous music on it.

When we play the album, Lara's face lights up. She only knows about a third of the tunes because we don't actually spend an awful lot of time in front of the TV but she knows 'Something Special', 'Waybuloo', 'Timmy Time', 'In the Night Garden' and most of the 'Zingzillas' tracks. I think she actually finds it a bit confusing to hear these songs without seeing the pictures too. She actually relaxes and joins in with the other songs that she doesn't recognise a little more and then she has a good old bop.

In true toddler style, she REFUSES to dance in front of the camera for me, but will bop away like a mad thing when the camera is turned off. AArgh, I really wanted to share her 'moooves' with you.

I am about to put one of the two CDs into the car so that I can switch them on when Lara gets restless and screechy when we're out and about. I suspect it may stay there for some time and I can just picture me singing along to 'It doesn't matter if you're Big or Small' or '3rd and Bird' at full volume and getting odd looks from other motorists!

Our absolute favourite track is the 'Yoko! Jakamoto! Toto!' theme which always results in us rolling around on the floor for some reason (I think its the way I sing it)!

This weekend I am going to have a house full of toddlers and I reckon that the CBeebies Song Time album will be just the ticket to keep them entertained.

Images courtesy of Quite Great Publicity.
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