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Tuesday 7 December 2010

Are Pants More Important Than Make Up? Discuss

I don't wear make-up to work. Does this make me weird? According to a recent survey by Sheer Cover mineral make-up, most women would rather leave the house without their underwear on than without their make-up on! Err... ok.

Now, I love a good Christmas Party and one of the things I most enjoy is getting glammed up. I have a collection of make-up that I enjoy experimenting with and can work wonders with; party is a great excuse to have a good play with all of my exciting products. But, this is one of the main reasons why I don't wear make-up every day of the week. If I did, then it wouldn't be so much fun getting ready for a good party, would it?

Sheer Cover's study revealed that of 100 women asked, 32% of them would rather go to a party without their underwear, coat, or any friends than they would go without their make-up. Half of the respondents said that they go the extra mile at Christmas when it comes to slapping on make-up.

The silly thing is that at this time of year, there are so many other things that can cause havoc with your skin, that piling on EXTRA make-up is just a recipe for a facial disaster. I consider myself to have pretty damn fabulous skin most of the year and the fact that I am sparing with my make up is a major contributing factor. With the drying effects of the cold weather and the inevitable increase in alcohol consumption that Christmas brings, what I want is a subtle, gentle way of making myself look party-ready.

My skin concerns are reflected by Armand Beasley (make up artist to the stars and general glamour guru) who has been enlisted by Sheer Cover to offer some tips (which you can read here) on how to look fabulous during the party season without putting your skin through hell.

A couple of weeks ago I was treated to a Sheer Cover makeover in London which made me look... well... grown up. I didn't need converting to mineral make-up – I've been using it ever since my wedding make-up artist introduced me to it, but if you don't already know, mineral make-up is fab for several reasons.
  • It is incredibly long lasting so you don't need to keep topping it up

  • Mineral-based face powders absorb oil from your skin so you don't look shiny in photographs

  • The colour from eyeshadows and blushes remains vibrant for a lot longer

  • Mineral eyeshadows applies more smoothly than other eyeshadows I've tried

My favourite products from the Sheer Cover range were the Sheer Cover base protector which made my skin feel flawless before putting on any make up at all, and the Sheer Cover Modern Neutrals Lip Gloss collection – the colours are perfect on me and they last for hours and hours.

So, I am kitted up for my Christmas Party on Saturday but I still refuse to wear make-up to work. I work in an all-male office and despite Sheer Cover's research demonstrating that most blokes lie when they say that they prefer women with a natural look... I am not going to start wearing make up to work to impress them! I will continue to wear underwear though. Just to make things clear.
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