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Wednesday 1 December 2010

Christmas Celebrations - The Gallery

This is my entry to this week's gallery where the theme is 'Celebrations'. This photo is one of my favourite Christmas photos and, as if I needed a reason to inspire me to make our Christmas celebrations extra special for Lara, then this is it.

The photo is of myself and my younger sister just after having opened our Christmas presents on Christmas day. I don't know how old we were but I can see the magic of Christmas in our eyes (and no, its not just red-eye!).

A short while ago I posted a blog about choosing presents for Lara based on the things I loved most - in this picture you can see my much, loved Tiny Tears doll in an outfit and blanket that my Mum knitted for her, and Butterbear, my Wuzzle! I believe that my little sister got Rhinokey that day too. If you've no idea what I'm talking about, google Wuzzles!

I really hope that I can make our first family Christmas in the new house as lively, fun and celebrationary as I remember it from my childhood.
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