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Sunday 26 December 2010

The Sunday Review - Alva Coleur Make Up

During the Christmas party season, I thought I would try out a new brand of make-up. Until now, it hadn't really mattered to me whether or not my make-up was organic, but organic cosmetics are becoming increasingly more available so I gave Alva COLEUR a whirl!

I tried out a very dashing slightly sparkly purple liquid eyeshadow from mypure. I can't say that I am totally won over by the concept of liquid eyeshadow - one of the things I love most about eye shadows is the ability to make some very subtle blends of shades across the eyelid but with a liquid eyeshadow it is hard to blend colours and the whole effect seems a bit flat. The sparkliness of the Alva COLEUR liquid eyeshadow does compensate for this a bit and I must admit that it does offer good coverage of the eye and the liquid dried surprisingly quickly.

I really liked the colours available for the liquid eyeshadows. The lilac in particular is a colour which can be bright and snazzy when you need it to be, but pastley and girly at other times.

I also tried out the Alva COLEUR Baked Foundation Powder. After my recent makeover experience in London, I decided to give founation another chance. I've never been a big fan - partly because I don't have much to cover (I like my own face as my base) and partly because I don't like the cakey, cloying feeling of having my whole face covered in powder.

Thankfully, after wearing this foundation powder all night, my face wasn't cakey, or cloyey! In fact, I had totally forgotten I was wearing it and my face wasn't shiny at all, it was still smooth and matt. I was astonished!

I found the Baked foundation powder quite firm and hard to loosen enough to be able to put onto a brush or sponge pad but perhaps that it is a good thing - it means you use less of it. It comes with its own separate compartment for a sponge pad. I found it easy to blend and incredibly subtle in colour (which is just what I was looking for)

The Alva COLEUR baked foundation powder is made from all sorts of natural goodies such as Macadamia nut oil and evening primrose oil so is also suitable for sensitive skin. I still don't think I love it enough to wear foundation regularly but for special occasions such as parties, I think that this brand is just my kind of thing.

The Baked Foundation powder costs £16.60 from and the liquid eyeshadow costs £9.70.
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