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Sunday 26 December 2010

The Sunday Review - Renolux Next Confort Group 1 Car Seat

This post was first published in November 2010 on ParentWheels

The Renolux Next Confort car seat is a Group 1 car seat but if you read the instructions carefully you will find that it 'can' be fitted as a group 0 rear-facing seat too although they don't sell it as such.

The seat is enormous. So much so, that I really struggled to get my daughter in through the car door and onto the seat. On the times when I didn't bang her head against the door, I banged my own! The seat sits very high up on it's massive steel base, unlike anything else I have tried.

The Renolux Next Confort seat does have a technical design that I want to love - it is made from a high-resistance steel base with a high-density polyurethane filling making it far more like a normal adult car seat and able of greater impact absorption than traditional plastic bucket seats. It all sounds great, and the kind of safety that you want in your car but the price you have to pay is bulk and weight. It took two people to carry the Renolux Next Confort seat out to our car!

We didn't find the seat easy to fit (although the instructions were surprisingly clear given that they were clearly translated into English). There were large numbers of expletives uttered.

Once fitted, I found the straps disappointing. Although the buckle was easy to fasten and undo, I felt that the straps were floppy, made of poor quality material and were prone to twisting (resulting in yet more expletives).

My first impression of the seat cover is that it was soft and inviting (it had fluffy velvety patches and a very comfy looking head insert for younger children). On closer inspection, I was disappointed with the fabric quality and found many loose threads dangling off it.

It is worth noting that the other mums and dad's who tested with me didn't struggle as much as I did with the Renolux Next Confort.

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