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Sunday 24 July 2011

Bio Oil Review

If I had been a blogger when I was pregnant with Lara, I would have written you a Bio Oil review – I loved it and, given that I managed to come out of the other side of pregnancy with no stretch marks then I can safely say that it did it's job well with regards to retaining the look of my skin.

But today, I'm not doing a review of Bio Oil in terms of stretch marks, I'm reviewing it for it's ability to improve skin tone and relieve dehydrated skin. If you've followed Mellow mummy for some time you will probably know by now that Lara suffers from dry skin and ezcema on her arms, and that since becoming a mum, I have also suffered from dry skin, particularly on my arms. I thought that we would give Bio Oil a chance to prove itself by improving the dry skin on our arms.

The first problem I encountered on our experiment is that Lara has inherited a trait from her father – a dislike of feeling greasy! Lara let me put the Bio Oil on her once (we regularly apply moisturiser to her so she is used to this). She really didn't like the oily feeling of it on her arms. She has had massage oil applied regularly in the past but usually you rub oil in until it is pretty much absorbed into the skin. With Bio Oil, you give it a gentle rub and then let it sit on the skin to absorb. The next time I tried to apply the oil to her, she outright refused to let me touch her! I gave up that experiment.

But for me, I love the feeling and I really like the smell of Bio Oil (maybe it reminds me of being pregnant?). I've been applying the oil to one of my upper arms so that I can compare the results. I can't really say that I've noticed a difference to the blotchiness of my skin but I think that perhaps Bio Oil is better at improving skin tone where the skin has suffered from discolouration rather than than irritation. When it comes to rehydrating the skin, I am more impressed.

The arm on which I have been trying out Bio Oil is certainly smoother and less dry at present. Bio Oil helps the skin by supporting the skin's own natural oils and by giving the skin a chance to restore it's own barrier-effect against drying chemicals. After application, once the oil has dried, my skin does feel a lot healthier and more supple.

That said, I still don't feel like the Bio Oil has been as effective against the dry skin on my arms as it was against stretch marks. I'd definitely use it again during pregnancy but I'm not sure I'll continue my dry-skin experiment.

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