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Sunday 10 July 2011

L'Oreal Elvive 60 Second Saviour Review

It pains me to admit that the L'Oreal Elvive 60 Second Saviour is an awesomely effective intensive conditioner. Having spent last month reviewing organic and natural conditioners, this L'Oreal Paris Full Restore 5 conditioner is a massive change and its not all bad. In fact, in terms of effectiveness I really can't fault it.

I'm not someone who preaches about organic and natural food or cosmetics. It just happens to be the way that life has taken me. There are some natural products that rock, and others that suck and the same goes for the big high-street man-made brands. I'm the first to admit that life's luxuries (such as a conditioner that leaves your hair feeling fabulous in less than 60 seconds) have evolved because there's a need or a want. And so, I'm totally open to the idea of a L'Oreal Elvive conditioner, especially if it does the job well.

I guess the thing I object to is the attempts at 'SCIENCE' which I find patronising and inaccurate. The bottle starts well... "60 Second Saviour Intensive Conditioner". Cool. I can cope with that.

It goes on, "INNOVATION - INFUSES ONTO THE HAIR". Err, what? You're just quoting words at me now. And grammatically incorrect words at that. Don't you mean 'fuses onto'? or 'infuses into'? Grrrrrr.

Further down the label (after the name drops of Pro-Keratin and Ceramide) I'm further bamboozled by the statement "INSTANTLY TRANSFORMS - WEIGHTLESS RESULT". Reading the label makes me feel like I'm watching a US shopping channel advert.

Patronising, fake-science label aside, does the stuff work? Well yes. And that's the part that pains me. It's quite incredibly effective and blows all of last month's conditioners out of the water.

I shall leave you with this anecdote to describe quite how good the L'Oreal Paris Elvive Full Restore 5 60 Second Saviour Intensive Conditioner is (that's quite a mouthful)...

I swim every Thursday morning with Lara. It's a rush and due to the time of her lesson at present, I rarely get a chance to wash my hair before I have to go to work. I normally get by until the evening by scraping my hair back into a high, tight pony tail.

Last month, I took the afternoon off work to go to an event at the Savoy hotel in London. Not the kind of place you turn up to unwashed and with greasy, tangled hair. I washed my hair the night before my swimming lesson and used the 60 second saviour. My hair felt properly fabulous from the very moment I rinsed it out. The following day, even after Lara's swimming lesson my damp hair still felt great and was easy to comb. So good in fact that I went straight to the Savoy from swimming and managed to look reasonably respectful and with hair that fell softly onto my shoulders. Awesome.

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