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Wednesday 20 July 2011

Which Nappy Cream is Best for Nappy Rash?

At Christmas, when Lara moved out of reusable nappies into disposable nappies we started to experience something we had never before – nappy rash. Sine then, I've tried a number of products to tackle the problem of nappy rash. I started by trying a number of organic and natural moisturisers which had worked well on Lara's ezcema and claimed also to be good for nappy rash. I found most of them ineffective. I've now tried all the big brands and several supermarket own brands and these are the three products that I've really found to work for us.


  1. Sudocrem

    Arguably the best known name when it comes to relief of nappy rash, Sudocrem is a thick ointment that comes in a tub. I've heard rumour of a Sudocrem tube but I personally haven't seen one yet.

    We Like:
    • The firm cream applies smoothly and provides a thick, effective barrier against moisture and really does seem to sooth Lara's nappy rash.

    • The smell reminds me of childhood.

    • Sudocrem is also great for sunburnt skin, rashes or grazes. Mummy & Daddy use it occasionally too.

    • It lasts well.

    We'd Prefer It If...
    • It didn't get stuck under your fingernails when you scoop it out of the tub.

    • The lid didn't fall off in the changing bag and get the cream covered in the crispy bits of gack at the bottom of your bag.

  2. johnsons baby nappy cream

  3. Johnsons Baby Nappy Cream

    You may be surprised to learn that Johnson's Baby only recently launched a nappy cream. It comes in a tube and is instantly recognisable as a Johnsons's product.

    We Like:
    • The handy tube that you can take anywhere.

    • The gentle, baby-fresh scent.

    • The cream is really very effective. Not only does it provide a nice thick barrier but it seems to instantly reduce the redness of nappy rash.

    We'd Prefer It If...
    • The lotion wasn't so sticky. It doesn't go on as smoothly as I'd wish because it sticks to your finger tips like napalm.

  4. boots nappy rash spray

  5. Boots Nappy Rash Spray

    OK, so it's not a nappy cream but who said you have to combat nappy rash with a cream? I was sceptical at first but trust me, the Boots nappy rash spray is effective. It is a very far cry from the organic and natural nappy creams I first tried! Gulp.

    We Like:
    • The fact that nappy rash is totally banished when we use it. It reduces redness from the first use.

    • Lara (who is now a very wiggly toddler) can't reach down and grab a handful of cream as the spray is so fine that there is nothing to grab.

    We'd Prefer It If...
    • You didn't have to remember to shake the bottle every time you use it. If you don't shake it well, the spray is really weak and splutters everywhere but if you shake it well it produces a really fine spray that goes on evenly.

    • It had a nappy-freshening scent.
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