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Sunday 3 July 2011

Mama Jewels Review : Jewellery Designed For Mum With Baby In Mind

lara mummy and mama jewels

Last week at Cybermummy I wore my Mama Jewels limited edition breastfeeding necklace and it got lots of interest and great compliments. My long-length Indian Summer Grey and Pink nursing necklace has a heart pendant and looks stunning against a plain single-colour top.

The necklace, like most of Mama Jewels' products, is designed specifically for the nursing mother. The beads are chunky and although they look tempting for tiny hands to grab, the beads have been tested to make sure that they can't be ripped off by naughty babies or toddlers. The necklace is made from a subtle silver coloured thread which is resilient to grabbing and chomping (something Lara seems to do more of, the older she gets).

The beads are all washable, non-toxic and sterilisable so that you need not worry if your child does choose to chomp or suck on your necklace.

I really like my Mama Jewels necklace. I so rarely get a new necklace (about one every 10 years at present!) so this has been a really special treat for me and so I can quite honestly say that it would make a wonderful gift for any new mum or mum to be. Its great to have something for you, rather than for your baby and yet not feel like you're taking a risk by using it.

My necklace from Mama Jewels was beautifully presented in a presentation box as smart as any piece of jewellery of any cost that I've ever owned.

If you take a look through the Mama Jewels website you'll see a whole range of gorgeous jewellery in loads of different styles and colours. Mama Jewels also stocks necklaces specifically designed for teething babies, pregnancy bola necklaces, fingerprint jewellery, personalised jewellery and breastfeeding reminder necklaces along with a whole range of other non-jewellery gift ideas for new mums and dads.
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