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Thursday 17 November 2011

The 3 C's - Colds, Congestion and Coughs

This week I have been suffering from the three C's - a cold, congestion and the resultant cough. Poor little Lara has been suffering too, with a fever to boot. In the past I would have tanked myself up on decongestant tablets or night-nurse and hidden away for 24 hours to get through the worst of it, but during pregnancy there are few effective congestion medications you can take so I have been extremely thankful for my Sterimar spray.

You may remember that I first discovered Sterimar Baby this summer when I reviewed their natural seawater nasal spray for babies and young children. Towards the end of last week, when Lara's cold was at its worst, we really got a chance to test the Sterimar Baby spray. The effects were so good that I decided to try one of their adult products myself.


I have been using Sterimar Congestion Relief which is also a natural seawater spray with a high salt concentration so it really helps to unblock my nose and relieve the symptoms of congestion in my nose. Because it is simply 100% natural seawater and has no known side effects, it is a great remedy for me as a pregnant lady but I can see myself using this as a non-medicinal remedy many times in the future too. I've found it to be most effective last thing before I go to bed, which is when I suffer most with a blocked nose.

sterimar congestion relief

Lara's Sterimar Baby spray is a much more dilute spray that is suitable from birth. A baby or toddler really just doesn't understand what is happening when their nose is blocked and it is so hard for them to communicate their inability to breathe. At several points over the last week Lara has screamed and screamed herself into oblivion because she has had a blocked nose. It has taken quite some doing to get the nasal spray into her nose past the flailing arms, screaming mouth and upset tears but within minutes of using the spray, Lara has calmed down. It feels so good to not have to turn to the medicine cabinet unless Lara actually gets a fever.

You can find out more about Sterimar at

This post was written as part of the Sterimar Ambassador Scheme for which I was re-imbursed. I stand by all of the statements in this post and wouldn't have elected to become a Sterimar Ambassador if I didn't genuinely rate the product.
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