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Monday 18 March 2013

Lara's First Big Girl Bedding - Yorkshire Linen

Yorkshire Linen really got their timing right when they asked us to review some of their children's bedding range. A short while ago Lara moved out of her cotbed and into a full-sized adult single bed so we needed to choose her some new bedding.

Yorkshire Linen had a wide range of character bedding but Lara has a lot of character toys and ornaments and I thought maybe that the move to a big girl's bed was an opportunity for her to try a more grown-up yet still extremely girly duvet cover set. Between us we chose this Nelly Duvet Cover Single Set which is predominantly pink but with blues, greens, oranges and greens as well.

I had half been expecting Lara to be disappointed that we hadn't chosen her a character cover but in fact, the design went down a storm with her. Lara has actually requested that her Nelly duvet cover be put on her bed in preference to other designs - now that's what I call success.

The Yorkshire Linen duvet cover set is fully machine washable and can be cool tumbled. It is very soft and falls nicely on the bed. I think the thing I love most about it (other than that to me it signals that Lara is growing up) is that on the reverse of the pillow there is a really vibrant pink flower design that looks really bold and works so well with the white in the rest of the cover. We match the Nelly duvet cover set with a plain white sheet.

I think the thing I've proven to myself over the past few weeks is that just because character products make Lara incredibly happy, doesn't mean that non-branded products won't make her smile even more so!
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