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Sunday 17 March 2013

Puckababy Sleeping Bag and Wrap Review

This little pixie is in fact Holly escaping from me in her Puckababy GoGo babywrapper!  The Puckababy GoGo is an extremely snuggly piece of kit designed to keep your baby warm at home AND out of the house.  It has little slits in the back which allow you to pass through the straps of a buggy or car seat; i've seen and tried a lot of products which claim to allow you to use them seamlessly with an infant car seat (some good, some bad) but the GoGo is the first one that I have felt could actually work on a daily basis.

To put your baby into the GoGo you lie them into the babywrap, slip their feet into the two foot areas and then you wrap them up.  There are velcro-style pads which mean that the internal and external flaps won't open easily but as you can see, Holly is just a bit too mobile for it now and does manage to get her arms to escape!  The Puckababy GoGo is available in two sizes.  This one is really designed for babies from newborn upto 7 months but Puckababy sell a similar item (a little bit more like a fleecy cloak) for kids age 9 months through to toddlerhood.

Holly found the Puckababy GoGo to be very comfy and she enjoyed being in it, especially in the buggy.  For me it is a little too warm for use around the house but is perfect for use in the car and in the pushchair.

The Puckababy Original is a cross between a baby sleeping bag and a newborn swaddle.  Holly tried out the Puckababy Original Mini which is really designed for babies between 3 and 6 months which is why she more or less fills it.

The Original sleeping bag by Puckababy comes in a good range of colours - this one is a white and silver design made from 100% organic cotton.  The sleeping bag has an insert that you place over your baby's arms a bit like a cardigan, you can then wrap this part around your baby's arms.  You zip the sleeping bag down  in the inverse direction to 'normal' so that the zip is out of the way of their face and chin.

The ingenious part of the Puckababy Original sleeping bag is that you can use it like we have in the picture in the form of a swaddle to keep baby wrapped up tight and feeling secure... OR there are flaps over each shoulder that you can unzip and then slip their arms through so that it looks and acts more like a traditional sleeping bag.  This is ideal for if you are struggling to transition your baby away from a swaddle as it keeps them comfortable in a sleeping bag with which they are familiar.

I felt that the quality of both the Puckababy GoGo and the Puckababy Original were EXTREMELY good, possibly the best baby sleeping bags I've come across and I would be more than happy to send or receive these as baby gifts.

I would say that the Puckababy Original had a couple of features which I could have done without... the pocket on the front of the sleeping bag seemed a bit unecessary for instance!  The Puckababy Original also requires you to tie the sleeping bag up at the base to ensure that there is no flapping loose fabric at the bottom, this seemed like an extra step that would be tricky if you were trying to settle a restless baby to sleep.

Despite this, I think the fact that the Original Sleeping bag is also a very effective swaddling bag makes it a perfect first sleeping bag.  The GoGo costs around £47.95 and the Original Mini costs around £42.95.

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