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Sunday 7 December 2014

Peppa Pig - 10 Years of Muddy Puddles

This year Peppa Pig and her family are celebrating 10 years of muddy puddles.  10 years of Peppa Pig - wowzers.  Lara was always a massive fan of Peppa Pig and is currently fighting with herself about whether or not a 5 year old is supposed to enjoy it so much anymore.  In the meantime, Holly is becoming more and more of a Peppa fan and is really starting to enjoy the wide range of storylines in the many Peppa Pig episodes.

To celebrate 10 years of muddy puddles, there are some awesome Peppa Pig products on sale this Christmas.  Holly was instantly taken by this waterproof apron which she has worn for festive cookery in the kitchen, Christmasssy crafts AND even for kitchen role-play in her wooden kitchen!

Lots of the new Peppa Pig products are crafty in nature - appealing directly to small creative people.  We LOVED this pack of chunky wind-up Peppa Pig crayons and travel activity set packed full of colouring in pictures.  I think both the crayons and the activity set would make perfect stocking fillers or entertainment if you are travelling this winter.

Other awesome Peppa Pig gifts include this Portmerion 3-piece ceramic set which includes a bowl, plate and small mug suitable for tiny baby hands right up to primary school children - it is a very special set which would make a lovely first Christmas present.  The design features lots of muddy puddles and is as suitable for George-pig fans as it is for Peppa fans.

Our other top picks include a Peppa Pig family calendar for 2015 which will take pride of place in our kitchen, new jigsaw puzzles and story books that will put a smile on every Peppa Pig fan's face.

And of course, a celebration of 10 years of Peppa Pig wouldn't be right without a special anniversary edition DVD featuring 10 classic episodes of Peppa Pig from across all of the series.  Our all time favourite episode, The Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World, features on this special DVD along with Lara's favourite, Cousin Chloe, and also some of our favourite Peppa Pig songs.  We LOVE this DVD.

Discloures: we were sent a sample of lots of different Peppa Pig products to review

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