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Tuesday 23 December 2014

#StreamTeam The Netflix Guide to Surviving Christmas

Who would ever have known that I would have been so grateful to Netflix for saving my own sanity.  With the stresses of work the past few weeks having rubbed off on my two girls as well, the atmosphere in our house is a little tense in the run-up to Christmas and I have two very over excited girls, one of whom is poorly.  As I've been prepping Christmas baking and craft activities I have been so thankful for our Netflix subscription which remains as popular as ever with both Lara and Holly.

Both girls have really enjoyed the wide selection of Christmas themed animations and movies (Mickey Mouse seems to be a MASSIVE hit right now) and it is quite a relief to know that when I need the space in the kitchen I can distract the two of them with a well-timed episode of Lazy Town while I prepare for the next round of baking chaos.

And chaos I think is the right term for how I'm expecting Christmas to roll this year.  I feel under-prepared for the whirlwind that is about to hit us.  Thankfully, Netflix have sent me over their Christmas survival kit which includes:-

  • sticky tape so that I don't run out just when I'm entering my wrapping zone
  • a wireless charger so that I needn't worry if my phone or tablet runs out at an inopportune moment
  • batteries to power all of the noisy toys I've warned people not to buy the girls
  • headache tablets so that I can recover from said noisiness
  • relaxing Jo Malone bath oil and fragranced candle so that I can chill out once the girls have calmed down and headed off to bed
And, of course, Christmas wouldn't be fully complete without a Netflix subscription to get you through the festive period.  With lots of new Netflix original productions such as Marco Polo and All Hail King Julien there is something to suit everyone in the family this Christmas.  I can't wait to settle down and find some time to relax this Christmas and, who knows, I may even find a night when I can settle down with Mr. B. and marathon my way through an entire series of something!


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