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Wednesday 31 December 2014

#StreamTeam Our NYE Party - All Hail #KingJulien

Phew.  That was a manic afternoon.  Traditionally Mr. B. spends the entire day on New Year's Eve making a phenomenal meal for the two of us.  This, of course, requires me to be in sole charge of Lara and Holly for the whole day.  This afternoon we have made jigsaws, played Uno, crafting, dressing-up and also managed to fit in a few chores.  But finally it was time for the girls to have their tea and afterwards, while Mr. B. was putting the finishing touches to our dinner, I treated the girls to their own special New Year's Eve party.

Our party was themed to co-incide with us watching the first episodes of the Netflix original series, All Hail King Julien which is a spin-off from Madagascar featuring the king of the Lemurs.  I will admit that King Julien isn't really my cup of tea (the risque adult humour sets my teeth on edge and without the adult context, I can't see him being very funny other than when he struts his stuff to "Move It").  The girls were interested for about 10 minutes but I think they miss the other fun Madagascar characters.  One thing that King Julien does do well though is dancing... to classic party hits which was the theme for our NYE party.

I downloaded a brilliant kids party album - 105 Hit Kids Party by the Kids Fun Crew.  105 cheesy current and classic pop tracks which have been scaled down just a touch to make them suitable for small people to listen to and dance to.  Our top tracks included "The Ketchup Song", "Gangnam Style", "Roar", "What does the fox say" and an all-time classic, "The Chicken Dance".  My two girls were unstoppable.  I've never seen so much hip-wiggling on one dance floor!  There may also have been quite a lot of jumping from the sofa! It was great fun.

At the end of our mini King Julien party, we watched the King Julien midnight countdown and pretended it was midnight (well, as he says... it's midnight somewhere).  If you are a Netflix subscriber you can see the countdown here.  If not, here's a little sneaky peek.

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