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Friday 30 January 2015

Giltterbelle, the Sparkliest Princess. A book review.

Glitterbelle is worried that she isn't a true princess.  Everyone knows the story of the princess and the pea but Glitterbelle doesn't like peas and, much to her mother's frustration, won't eat her peas!

When princess Glitterbelle's friends start pointing out that she doesn't behave much like a princess, she really starts to become concerned.  Thankfully, Glitterbelle does pass the ultimate princess test and proves herself worthy of her title!

Giltterbelle (a character by Rachael Duckett and Harriest Muncaster) is the subject of The Sparkliest Princess Ever which is a series of books targetted at girls of Lara's age (she's nearly 6).  The book is filled with collage-style imagery made from a mixture of photographs and illustrations... and, of course, lots of sparkly bits.

The combination of princesses and sparkliness, with a bit of fun behaviour thrown in means that it is perfectly suited to Lara and she loved the story when I read it to her.

I think Lara's enjoyment of the tale of Glitterbelle, the most sparkly of princesses, was heightened by the accompanying book, Glitterbelle Doodle, Dazzle, Create.  This book is a creative activity book filled with themed activities based on the Glitterbelle princess character and her friends.

The activity book is so well pitched at girls of 5-8 - absolutely spot on.  Each page includes either a drawing activity designed to encourage imagination, a writing activity, a puzzle or a hands-on activity such as a cut-out craft idea, a game or a recipe to make.  Packed full of jewelllery, tiaras, dresses and general sparkliness, Lara has whiled away hours making up her own designs and working, on her own, towards many of the activities.

Glitterbelle. Doodle, Dazzle, Create also comes with a little notepad held inside a tin - the perfect place for secret doodles and messages.  At £4.99 I think this activity book is a bargain because it contains as much fun and entertainment as several regular kids magazines would!

The Glitterbelle books are published by Parragon and you can find out more about princess Glitterbelle at You can follow Parragon Books on twitter and as @parragonbooks on instagram and pinterest.

I received this product from the publisher for free. However, they have not paid me for this review, and they do not exercise any editorial control over my review or anything else on this site.

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