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Saturday 17 January 2015

Meet our breakfast Weetabuddies!

At the weekends we usually have a little more time to relax and enjoy breakfast time than we do before school during the week so this weekend I prepped a vast array of different fruits and then let the girls loose with an array of healthy fruits, nuts and spreads so that they could hand-craft their own Weetabuddies.

Weetabix have created a collection of Weetabuddies to make breakfast that little bit more fun.  Each Weetabuddy has its own character and really comes to life once you get to know them!  I challenged the girls to make their own Weetabix characters - even myself and Mr. B. had a go at creating one as well - an entire mellow family of Weetabuddies.

Making a Weetabuddy is easy. 

Step 1. Grab a Weetabix biscuit.
Step 2. Top with lots of fresh or dried fruit, yoghurt, spreads or nuts to make a cheeky character of your choice
Step 3. Take a photo of your Weetabuddy and upload it to between now and the end of March 2015 to win prizes each day (and of course, fame for your Weetabuddy).
Step 4. Devour (well... that's what we did!)

Meet our Weetabuddy family.

The girls loved making Weetabuddies so much that I intend to make this a regular occurrance.  They both love fruit but I tend to avoid giving them 'just' fruit for breakfast and this is a great way of making sure that they have a balanced intake at breakfast time to keep them fuelled properly for the day.  It was also a brilliant way of convincing the rather fussy Lara that she really does enjoy cereal at breakfast time (we knew she did!)
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