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Friday 2 January 2015

My British Gas Home Truths

If you are an avid reader of Mellow Mummy then you will know that 2014 was the year in which we had to re-decorate rather unexpectedly.  As I look back now through my blog posts for the past 12 months I can see that we had promised ourselves that we would redecorate the hallway as one of our new year's resolutions - well, we did that AND SOME!

Our house has always been planned as a long-term investment.  A house that was more or less ship-shape but which could be updated one room at a time over a long period as we evolve with it.  Year one we decorated our bedroom, year two the garden, year three the playroom and year four was intended to be the hallway.  Then our rather highly-strung two year old left the tap running one day and all our plans had to change.


After the flood we had to re-floor the entire downstairs of the house.  The hallway redecorations were suddenly accelerated and we had to re-fit the downstairs bathroom.  We took the opportunity to entirely redecorate the downstairs bathroom and, given that we were going to have to live in bathroom chaos for several weeks, we decided to bring forward our plans for year five - replace the upstairs bathroom too!


British Gas have worked with Channel 4 to put together a portal of videos which show what a home means to different people in their Home Truths Hub.  As an example, this family had to have a rethink about their home when they become proud parents of triplets!

Our house is slowly ticking over.  It isn't a project.  It is a house that can change at a leisurely pace as our tastes change and as our family needs change.  In 2015 we will spend a bit more time looking after the garden and save up some money for some big changes to the main living spaces.  I'm still holding off updating the girl's bedroom until they grow out of the pink stage!

This post was produced in collaboration with British Gas.
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