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Monday 2 March 2015

Getting Crafty for Easter with Yellow Moon

Today Lara asked me "Mummy, when is Easter?"

I explained that Easter was this time next month, to which I was greeted with a series of  "aaawwww"s and "ohhhhhhhh"s.  Lara then went on to explain to her little sister about all of the exciting things that happen during spring and that there are bunnies and chicks who bring plastic eggs and presents and hide them in people's gardens!  Oh dear, what have I started?  Lara is already in the Easter mood and I'm sure that has a lot to do with our recent craft activities which are a great way of keeping the girls calm and entertained over the weekends.  We received a selection of this year's Easter craft materials from online kids craft suppliers, Yellow Moon.

From Easter baskets to Daffodil windmills, from spring animal felt mirrors (pictured above) to sticky foam flowers, Yellow Moon have go an amazing range of bright and cute kids Easter Craft materials to inspire any buddy creative soul.  My two girls LOVED making these felt mirrors using pop-out felt pieces where you simply peel off the packing paper and stick into place.  No mess and so easy to make and when you turn them over there is a little mirror - they make great gifts and the girls were so proud of what they had made.

Lara and Holly have both also enjoyed colouring in their own spring scenes to wrap around the inside of their own plastic mugs.  The mugs aren't awfully waterproof but when the paper design inside gets a bit soggy, you can always replace it with one of the other patterns, coloured in on another day!

The range of craft materials at Yellow Moon is mind-blowing.  Holly absolutely loved painting her own bunny rabbit shaped money box and it is now proudly on display in her bedroom - these come in a set of 4 so they'd make a great activity for an easter or spring themed party.

In previous years, I've used plastic eggs and fabric chicks along with Easter baskets from Yellow Moon to make my own Easter egg trail in the garden and it has obviously built a lasting memory for Lara who now sees it as a family tradition.  We also have a bit of a tradition at nursery of Lara and Holly winning prizes for their hand-crafted Easter bonnets... I wonder whether Holly can continue this tradition in 2015?

Don't forget that your chosen school or charity can ear cashback on most of your purchases from Yellow Moon!  Happy Easter!
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