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Tuesday 19 May 2015

Goodbye Cotbed Sheets, Hello Duvet Covers

I think that time has come.  Holly is too big for her cotbed and so we need to start thinking about re-arranging the girl's bedroom so that it can accommodate two full sized single beds.  I can't believe how quickly this has come around.  It feels like just yesterday that we were preparing Lara to move out of her cotbed into a single bed, so that we could use the cot for her baby sister!

Holly has been using the cotbed with a junior duvet and bedding set for some time now.  She has a couple of brightly coloured themed duvet covers which she has loved to pieces but which don't really match with the rest of the room's decor.  We felt it was time for Holly to move away from branded characters to something befitting a great big grown up girl that she now is.

The girls share a room.  It is decorated from top to bottom in a gentle purple colour, something we inherited but has actually worked quite well!  Along the walls we have the girls' name plaques and a couple of simple decorations to break up the plain walls.

This beautiful pink owl duvet cover set is from Yorkshire Linen and is the perfect introduction to big girl's bedding for Holly. It is pink and girly and yet fun and grown-up.  Children's bedding doesn't always have to star television characters for it to be bold, bright and fun, does it?

We plan to put the girls into bunkbeds within the next couple of months, at which time the entire room will need to be re-arranged once again.  But for now, Holly and Lara will be sharing their big girl bedroom with a few simple decorative touches which mean that it is now no longer a bedroom for toddlers, but a bedroom for little girls with big ideas.

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