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Saturday 16 May 2015

Planning a Minion Party

Having just recovered from Holly's third birthday we are now in full-swing with the planning for Lara's sixth birthday party.  This year we are have hired a local village hall for Lara's party as we think that age 6 may be the first and last time that Lara is interested in entertaining an entire room full of children for her celebration.  Choosing a theme has been...interesting.  At one point, Lara wanted a party with a Frozen theme and the next minute she wanted a Moshi Monsters AND Spiderman theme.

We haven't quite settled on a theme for Lara's party (although invites have already gone out) but our current thinking is that we will probably aim for a Despicable Me, Minion party which is a theme suitable for both girls and boys and which offers a whole range of exciting ideas for party bags and decorations.

First up is table decorations and you can't beat this Minions tableware party pack from Dazzle which includes a tablecloth, paper cups, paper plates and napkins.  If the set isn't big enough to cater for all your party guests, the Dazzle website has a handy feature which recommends top-up items such as extra cups, or similarly-coloured party bags.

In our plans for a Minion themed birthday party we have considered the following:

  • A bright yellow Minion birthday cake
  • Plain yellow party bags with printed minion eyes (there are lots of free printable minion images online)
  • Ice-it-yourself Minion biscuits with edible googly eyes
  • Minion bananas for tea
  • Yellow minion balloons
  • Minion popcorn
I've had great fun looking online for Minion party planning ideas and I've created this Minion Party Pinterest board filled with my ideas and links to tutorials and free party printables.

For the time being, I'm working with Lara and her little sister to try and nail down the theme for their party - I think that the Minion party pack with the cups, plates and napkins will be a great inspiration for them and even if Lara changes her mind (AGAIN) they'll enjoy a special birthday meal sitting up at our table!

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