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Sunday 3 May 2015

What would you do?

What would you do with an extra £100. An unexpected, unplanned £100?

TSB are celebrating the first birthday of their TSB Plus Account (something that gets better with time, so they say).  The TSB Plus account could earn you annual interest of £100 AER (5% AER on up to £2000) and so they asked me to think about what I would do with an extra £100 to spend on anything I wished.

Last year, if you'd asked me then the answer would definitely have been to pay it towards #OperationPayOffTheMortgage.  In 2014, every unexpected penny we received was paid directly onto the mortgage to try and make a big dent.  It worked, we managed to reduce our mortgage into the next loan-to-value bracket which significantly reduced our monthly payments.  In 2015, although we are still making overpayments when possible, we aren't actively paying every last little penny onto it.

So this year I have a little more freedom.  Decisions, decisions.

I could spend the money on a pair of running shoes - a good pair of trainers cost around one hundred pounds.  Perhaps I could even spend it on a special running outfit to try and motivate me to get out of the house and get in some miles?

I could take Mr. B. out for dinner.  This would, of course, require us to find a babysitter...something we've not been awfully successful at recently!  Come to think of it, after the cost of a taxi and a babysitter, there wouldn't be much of the £100 left to eat and drink with!

But, as I type this I've just sat down for a rest after an epic stint putting the finishing touches to Holly's third birthday cake and cupcakes (all will be revealed tomorrow so stay tuned to the blog) and it has dawned on me what I really would spend a bonus £100 on.  Cake decorating lessons.

There is a cupcake college in Arborfield, near me, where you can learn more complex cake decorating skills and each one day course costs around £100.  I'd love to learn a few more sugarpaste skills to try and increase my confidence making birthday cakes and I think this would be a rare treat for me, rather than the girls!

If you had a spare £100, would you be able to find a treat for a bit of you-time?

It isn't just bank account interest that improve over time:

Disclosure: This post has been written in partnership with TSB.
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