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Sunday 10 May 2015

Netflix #StreamTeam - Family Fun

This month, the Netflix Stream Team members are exploring the diversity of the modern family.  When you think about a 'typical family' these days, it isn't necessarily a 2.4 children family that comes to mind , is it?

This month on Netflix there is a new Netflix Original series - Grace and Frankie - a comedy starring Jane Fonda and Martin Sheen (among others) in which Grace and Frankie's husbands leave them both after 20 years of marriage...for each other, leaving the ladies to form new bonds.

Netflix challenged us to explore their archives in search of more examples of fascinating, or non-traditional families.

First stop was Tracy Beaker.  Lara and Holly discovered The Story of Tracy Beaker at about Christmas, it was Lara's first foray into CBBC programming rather than CBeebies and it is great that she can now choose to watch the whole of two entire series' on-demand from Netflix.  The Tracy Beaker episodes are based on the books of Jacquline Wilson and revolve around a very feisty trouble-making member of a big household - a "family" of children and their guardians at a children's home.  Lara loves to watch the fun unfold and it gives her an insight into a lifestyle she never previously knew about.

For Holly and Lara, the somewhat under-rated Lilo & Stitch is also a different take on the concept of the Family.  Lilo is cared for by her big sister who grudingly agrees to let Lilo choose a pet... I don't think she had bargained on welcoming Stitch (the result of a scientific experiment) into their family.

But for me and Mr. B, one of our all time favourite comedy movies is Meet the Fockers which is currently available on Netflix.  None of the families in this movie can be described as "normal" - the Focker family are a couple of free spirits with a very relaxed approach to life but their son is married to a member of the Byrnes family who run a very tight ship.  When the two families come together it results in some very awkward situations. We love this movie, even more than it's predecessor, Meet the Parents.

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