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Saturday 21 November 2015

Bayer Chic Baby Dolls Pram and Sleeping Bag Review

I've been having a bit of a clearout of my own baby products recently - making space as we redecorate parts of the house.  I'm currently trying to find new homes for a pushchair, a cot and a safety gate now that Holly no longer needs them.  Interestingly enough, as I wind down my baby products, Holly is building up a collection of her own!  Holly and her friends at nursery are very much into role play at present and Holly loves to play Mummies and Daddies (and sisters) with her baby dolls. sent Holly one of their baby dolls pushchairs to encourage her imaginative play, along with a baby doll's sleeping bag.

It feels like just yesterday that Holly herself was snuggled in a baby sleeping bag.  This Bayer Chic 2000 sleeping bag is designed for dollies and Holly loves zipping her different dolls up in their sleeping bags as it feels so real - somehow, a little bit more real than tucking them in under a blanket. mainly focus on baby products for human babies but I LOVE the fact that you can buy a matching sleeping bag for your doll too and Holly thinks it is wonderful.  The zip is easy for her to do up with her small hands and the bag is slightly elasticated so that it is easy to take on and off a doll with very rigid arms.

Of course, no game of Mummies and Daddies would be complete without a doll's pram, pushchair or buggy; would it? sent Holly a Bayer Chic 2000 dolls buggy which has the same fabric as the sleeping bag (they also sell a changing bag and mat set too to make the full role play experience!).

At a little under £26, this toy pushchair is quite a lot more expensive that the previous equivalent that we used to own but then it is a very different quality of toy - this Vita dolls buggy feels and looks as real as any of the full-sized pushchairs on the site.  It looks like a real pushchair and it folds and operates like a real pushchair; it also has the sturdiness and quality I'd expect of a genuine pushchair, not a toy!  The only problem with this is that both Lara and Holly expect it to be just like a grown-up's pushchair and have both been seen attempting to get into it - at 6 years old, Lara is faaaarrrrrr to big for a baby doll's pushchair but it seems to have survived so that baby John (aka Tiny Tears) can still make the most of it.

One of the biggest hits on this toy pushchair has been the detachable carry net at the base of the buggy for putting your shopping in.  Holly and Lara think this is fabulous and love finding more and more things to carry in there - one such thing is the sleeping bag which gets taken off when baby John gets too hot!

There are lots of different designs of dolls pushchairs and prams to choose from, and loads of different fabric options too.  I knew Holly would love this hot pink design with concentric circles.  I love seeing Holly play imagination games like this - it is something Lara didn't really do much of.  I can see a very gentle, caring side of Holly comes out when she is looking after baby John; this makes me realise that Holly isn't just about chaos, noise and rushing around... there really does exist a softer and less chaotic Holly.

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