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Monday 23 November 2015

#bestofleapfrog - Our Leapfrog Favourites

I have been an ambassador for Leapfrog learning products for a number of years now, and over those year's I've tried a fair few Leapfrog games and books with Lara and Holly.  There are a few outstanding books and games that my girls go back to time and again, and which I can see having made a big impact on their learning journey.

During November, Leapfrog are dedicating their Facebook page to The Best Of Leapfrog where you can vote for your favourite Leapfrog content for the LeapPad, LeapReader, Leapreader Jr. and LeapTV.  By taking part, you'll be in with a chance of winning Leapfrog bundles and spot prizes.  The most popular Leapfrog content will be revealed from each category in December.

We LOVE, Love, Love the Leapreader learning stylus and the Scout-shaped Leapreader Junior.  Our absolute favourite books for the Leapreader Junior have been the books in the Ready to Read set featuring Meg, Og, Izzy, Al and Gus.  These are brilliant books for children aged 2 and 3 to start learning the sounds of the basic vowels and understanding the structure of simple sentences.  On a similar first words theme, Holly has very much enjoyed this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :Mickey's ABC Friends for Leapreader Jr.  It stars all of her favourite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters - each double page features a number of letters of the alphabet and as you pass the Leapreader over the page it says the letter and the name of the object of character starting with that letter.  Holly is already starting to recognise and sounds out the words for characters she knows.

There are lots of fun story activity books for the Leapreader and Lara enjoys reading about her favourite movies such as Monsters University and Tangled but the Leapreader products she goes back to time and again are always the ones that require a greater level of interaction.  Our single most popular Leapfrog product over the past 4 years with Lara is the Leapreader Interactive World Map which to me embodies everything that Leapfrog is about - learning concepts for small people right through to big people (like me!) while all wrapped up in a lot of fun.

Animal Adventure is another similar interactive learning game from Leapfrog that you play with the Leapreader stylus.  The game is suitable for children from 4-8 years old and involves moving your animal counters across different themed world zones if you correctly answer a prompt about animals or birds which appear across the board.  I have been very impressed to see both Lara and Holly correctly identifying mammals and reptiles and searching frantically to find more of them before the time runs out.  This is a brilliant family game that is fun to play and packed full of science and georgraphy learning opportunities.  I'm so glad to see that Leapfrog continue to offer learning options for older children as well as early learners.

Don't forget to vote for your #bestofleapfrog books and games over on Facebook.

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