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Wednesday 4 November 2015

Fireworks and Halloween Fun with #StreamTeam #NetflixHalloween

I love this time of year with the weird and wonderful costumes of Halloween followed closely by the magic and excitement of bonfire night.  Tonight we took Holly to her very first fireworks show at our local scout group - she went through every emotion from excitement, through fear and doubt to total amazement and then even disappointment once the show was over.

At the weekend we took the girls away for a fun weekend.  Lara and I were invited to be judges for the Great Pumpkin Carving Festival at the Tante Marie restaurant and culinary academy in Woking, Surrey.  We had a wonderful day watching a steady stream of people coming to carve pumpkins as well as exploring Woking Shopping.  The girls even got involved in a Sublime Science potion making experiment where they got to make their own sherbert fizz.

We stayed the night at the Premier Inn in Woking which was quiet and peaceful and made the perfect end to our day.  The girls had great fun colouring in spooky Halloween images for a colouring competition.  In the morning, we filled up with a brilliant cooked and continental buffet breakfast.

Because we had been away overnight for Halloween, we treated Lara and Holly to a little Halloween party at home.  They dressed up, we painted faces, lit candles in their pumpkins and even lit up sparklers in the garden.

Of course, we also treated the girls to a "dark party" in the living room where they could watch a little of their favourite TV.  This month Holly is very much into Charlie and Lola which is available on Netflix.  Lara is all over DinoTrux, a Netflix original series for kids by Dreamworks which features a world of dinosaurs made from truck-parts.

Mr. B. and I are continuing to watch Narcos which is spooky in its own special way - the brutal and bloody tales of the Columbian cocaine cartels is not the sort of show that you watch if you're looking for a light-hearted evening's viewing!
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