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Friday 13 May 2016

Mustela Baby Suncare

Until they are three years old, babies and young children haven't fully developed their skin's ability to defend against some of the effects of the sun's rays so they need special protection from the sun. Even once they are a little older, children's skin is highly vulnerable to sun damage and needs an extra boost to those natural defences. Mustela's range of baby and infant suncare products are gentle, very high protection sun screen products which have been designed specifically with baby's sensitive skin in mind.

Last weekend we had a roastingly hot couple of days in the sun - Holly enjoyed every moment of it (I think she has got this from me) and, having been taught from a very early age that wearing sun screen is the best thing to do, she was more than happy to give the Mustela very high protection sun lotion a try.  The lotion is incredibly light (surprising for such a high tolerance SPF 50+ protection factor), it is totally fragrance free (doesn't even smell of generic base sunscreen product!) and alcohol free and is deemed suitable for children to use on face and body from birth.  It is made from 86% naturally derived ingredients and I was genuinely impressed - no stickiness, no thick gloopiness but instead a light, almost refreshing lotion that was easy to apply to Holly with no complaints.

Mustela also make this handy pocket-sized bottle of lotion suitable for use on the face.  It comes in a handy pump so that you can dispense just a teeny tiny amount for use on your baby's face. I think this is the sort of product that I'll keep in my bag more or less all the time for when we are out and about. It has the same SPF 50+ protection and offers both UVA and UVB protection.

After a hot day in the sun, I ALWAYS love to apply after sun cream as I can almost hear my skin crying out for moisture. Mustela make a great after sun spray for children which is lightly scented but still 88% naturally derived. It comes in a spray bottle which works whatever angle you are at so its ideal for using on a wiggly baby. The after sun lotion is light, instantly absorbed and provided relief for Holly who always suffers from irritated skin.  Active moisturing ingredients include Jojoba oil and CupuaƧu butter designed to help your body restore its hydration levels after sun exposure.

Obviously, young babies and children under 3 years old shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight but where sun exposure is unavoidable Mustela recommend applying a very high protection suncream at least 20 minute before exposure and to top it up with a re-application every two hours or after your child has been swimming.

When you're out in the sun, dress your baby in loose-fitting cotton clothing to filter out UV rays and make sure they have a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses too.
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