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Wednesday 11 May 2016

Outdoor Look

This week Lara wore her new walking boots for their first adventure - a hike through the bluebell woods near school with her Beaver pack.  Lara has really taken to Beavers and enjoys all of the challenges that they take on; I've really seen her come out of her shell since starting Beavers and I love the fact that they get out and about to explore the local area and take part in lots of different activities.

Outdoor Look sent Lara a new pair of children's walking boots to put through their paces.  As outdoor clothing and kit specialists, they know how important it is to have the right footwear when exploring woodlands.  We have a walking holiday in the Yorkshire Dales planned with the girls this summer and we know from experience that you need the support and protection of a strong pair of hard-wearing boots, even on tiny feet.

These Regatta Holcombe waterproof breathable walking boots cost just under £30 and they are absolutely perfect for Lara.  The boots come in a variety of different colour ways for boys or girls to choose their own style.  Lara is a real fiend when it comes to rubbing the toes of her shoes so one of the best things about these boots is that the toes and heels are rubberised to prevent them from damage.  Inside the shoe has a soft bootee which is warm and comfy but deceptive because actually the shoe fabric is designed to be breathable and keep the feet cool and dry.

Lara was very warm and sweaty in her Jumper and coat after her hike this week but her feet were just right!

The Regatta kids boots lace all the way up to the top which is great for when walking on uneven ground as it allows the boots to support the ankles.  It could do with a hook for the laces as Lara struggled to pull them tight at the top and needs a bit of help.  Lara's boots got squelchy and wet on her rainy evening walk with Beavers and they coped well with the uneven ground through the woods - much better than a pair of wellies.

I can' think of a better place for these boots to make their first outing than the woods near our home and school on a slightly muddy and damp spring evening.
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